UV glue for plexiglass ADIEN 120ml


ADIEN clear acrylic uv glue is best because:

  • Crystal transparency
  • Invisible seam
  • Monolithic connection
  • No degreasing required
  • Without preliminary grinding
  • Suitable for gluing large surfaces
  • Leaves no sticky layer or white marks

How does ADIEN UV glue work?
1. The acrylic monomers included in the adhesive dilute the surface of the plexiglass.
2. The UV initiator concentrate cures the resulting mixture of adhesive and acrylic polymer.
The result is a monolithic connection, as strong as the plexiglass itself.

After polymerization, no sticky layer remains and no post-cure is necessary.

Suitable for both end bonding and surface bonding.

UV acrylic gelcoat ADIEN 1L - a complete analogue of ADIEN 120ml UV glue, but in a large advantageous package.


Mode of application

  1. Prepare plexiglass: warm it up to 75 degrees for 1 hour. Allow to cool very slowly.
  2. Apply glue to the contact point with the expectation of spreading. Do not shake before use. Remove small air bubbles with a thin stick or a small amount of acetone using a spray.
  3. Attach the piece to be glued and, while holding it, turn on the UV source for 30-90 seconds. After setting, release the part and continue irradiation under ultraviolet light. For best results, leave for several hours for maximum cure.
  4. Polish the surface if necessary.


Rated viscosity - 1200cps
Density, g / cm3 - 1
Refractive index of the polymer - 1.5
Drying time at 23 degrees, min - 5
Shelf life, months - 3



UV power (actual), W - from 18
Диапазон, нм — 365-405
Distance from UV source, cm - 30-50
Setting time - 1 hour
Curing time - 1 day
Layer thickness, mm - 0.05-0.9

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm
Net volume

120 ml

Shelf life

3 months