Разработка продукции из акрила

Development of acrylic products

From idea to serial production, the product goes through a whole cycle of preparatory work. 

Convenience of product development and prototyping directly in production:
- the product is immediately developed taking into account production capabilities
- saving time between the coordination of contractors' actions
- even at the idea stage, production is already interested in the result, making honest efforts at all stages : design, prototyping, execution control

The main direction of production: solid products from polymeric materials, including acrylic. Most often used in the production of: souvenirs, functional and aesthetic interior items, tools, cases and other small-scale items.

Sorry, we are not developing the following products


table signs, price holders, stands for goods, etc. products


and other hollow products:
bottles, vases, buttons, spheres, boxes, pipes, shades, etc.


epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resin products

We will be happy to work on the following ideas


Gift and premium products made of acrylic. Tombstones, certificates, cups, steles, miniatures


included in more complex products:
body elements, furniture parts, and many other products that can be manufactured by laser cutting of plexiglass

Individual projects

- size over 4x4x4cm
- solid and acrylic
- circulation of 15 pieces